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Friday, 13 November 2015

Dog shower

Hi guys!

Yesterday, me and Denny had to bathe our dogs – Bimbo and Shiro. By the way, these dogs breed is a golden retriever + local. So, they are not fully original retriever anymore. Nevermind because they are still looking cute tho. These dogs had shower once a week because we afraid their fur will brittle and fall easily if we bathe them everyday.

Between them, Shiro is the most comfortable when she was in shower. She is not moving much. She kind of like when we massage her body, rub her ears and so on. She has the thickest fur compare than Bimbo and it make her look more beautiful. One thing I like about Shiro is she's smart. When we said ‘ sit down’, she will sitting on the floor. When we said ‘shake hand’, she will lend her hand and shake hand with us. Unbelievable! When its come to eat time, both Bimbo and Shiro will not eat although the food is already serve in front of their eyes until we said ‘eat’. How smart is our dogs *proud*.

Shiro. Look how relax she is

Okey, back to shower story. Bimbo is more aggressive one, but not much when we bathe him. Last week, when I bathe him, he suddenly run away from me while the soap foam was still fully covered his body because he saw other dogs in front gate. Maybe he want to meet his bestfriend. It is funny because I have to chase him around the house to catch him back. I think Bimbo can protect our house because he is more fierce and sensitive when he saw something not familiar. I think its good because that is the main point why we have dogs.

Bimbo - The aggressive one. Forget about the furry legs. I mean the human legs

We using this product to bathe them. See the flower icon on the bottle? I put there to covered the price...haha...

After finished, we put them in the cage to let them dry under the sunlight. How sweet they are kissing each other

Me and Denny love our dogs so much and will take care of them with full of passion because we believe God makes all the creatures in this earth with the same right. Right to live. Not like certain people who throw their dogs somewhere and let them to be stray dogs. It is cruel when the dogs is still young and abandoned somewhere.

This is not our puppy. But because we are dog's lovers, so any dogs we meet we will playing around with them. Just like this puppy

Sorry for my English. I still learning on how to using the Past Tense and Present Tense etc... hew...hew...

Thank you for reading

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