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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Writing blog in English for the first time

Hi guys!

This is my first attempt to write entry in English. I always want to do this from the beginning since I decided to became a blogger, but it’s always delayed. It is because of two things: no self-confidence and shy. Now, after I read some of the famous blogs all around the world, the courage is slowly pop-up in myself.

I also want to train myself in term of grammar, verbs, nouns and all sorts. I believe practices makes perfect. Who knows one day all the readers from all around the world will recognize about my blog and become my loyal followers? *dreaming high*. I realizes that there are lots of mistakes in my writing so I hope that you guys can tell me which part. I really need that to improve myself.

I felt a little bit awkward when I wrote in English because I am not familiar on how to express my story especially when I want to make a joke. It is because when I wrote in Malay, it is easy to make the story interesting. Yes, I using English all the time when I studied in university but I have to practice more because now my English is kind of meh. So, ya, writing blog’s entry in English is the best way.

I hope this will continue in future. But, do not worry. I still writing in Malay based on the story that I want to share with you guys. You know, balancing readers from Malaysia and others countries. Fuhhh, I am proud with myself because finally I started doing this.

Thank you guys for reading!

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