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Friday, 26 August 2016

Dog Photoshoot


Recently, my passion towards photography is increasing day by day. The wanted of being a professional photographer is always on my mind. The hunger of want to take beautiful yet memorable picture can’t be resist anymore. Hence, today I decide to pick up my camera and going out (just around my house. LOL) to take pictures of my lovely dogs – Shiro and Bimbo. They will be my unpaid model of today.

If you want to know more about them, you can simply click here.

The evening weather is just nice. Warm & cosy. Absolutely a perfect moment to become a photographer guru in front of my dogs. Let them know how great is their master…hiks…

My first model is Shiro – The gorgeous and beautiful female dogs. If you want to know, she is the smartest compare than Bimbo. Well, both of them are smart. But, Shiro has a little bit advantage because if I said ‘sit down’, she will sit her butt off immediately. Then, if I said shake hand, she will lend her hand and shake hand with me. So intelligent.

This is the close up for Shiro. Every model should have at least one close up picture for casting. So, Shiro, here you are. Easy for you to casting later for Pedigree commercial campaign…hehe…

This picture was taken while she’s rest. Look how tired she is after the first round of photoshoot session. Shiro, be strong. This is the real life of modelling. Whether you move forward to continue this or going home *Americas Next Top Model cliché pickup line’.

Then, when I see this, in a second, I set my camera and ‘click’ shutter button immediately. I really love this picture. The pose, the background and everything about this picture is lovely. You can see the story where Shiro is curios about something.

Actually, she curious what is Denny doing over there under the banana tree. That is where their spot to chill especilly during afternoon because there is more humid and comfortable I guess.

My second model for this photoshoot is Bimbo – The macho male dogs. He is a very sensitive dog. If we angry or shouted at him sometimes, he will slowly go to the corner of our house or under the banana tree to show us that he is in sad mode. Truly sad. But, in term of being the guardian of our house, he is the best. He is brave and strong. Go Bimbo!

Bimbo also should have at least one close up picture. The smizing eyes tho!

I really love this photo. I can see the symetrical line of his body and fur. The face expression, aura, cuteness overload and everything about it is so perfect! I can tell that Bimbo is the healthiest and joyful dog from this photo.

Behind the scenes, Bimbo always lick and kiss Shiro’s mouth everytime when they are chill together. At first, I am surprised because I thought dog don’t know how to do that. But, now I am used to it.

Then, here is my favourite photo of the day – Scene where Denny and the dogs playing together. I love to see the happiness comes out from Denny’s face. Very calm to see. The expression is priceless. Beautiful!

These are several photos I have taken at the back of our house including the majestic sunset view after the so called photoshoot session. Amazing right?

By the way, I am an amateur photographer but I always learn on how to be professional. My photography’s style is candid. So, pardon me if some of my picture does not look pro because I prefer regular picture with story and moment inside rather than beautiful photo but empty story.

Thank you for reading

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